Bus navigation

Do you have a need for a navigation, which offers safe and reliable routing specified for your coach? Bus GPS Navigation is an application designed especially for bus drivers, which offers safe and reliable routing on bus-legal roads.

Bus GPS Navigation is a first app of its kind on the market. Apart from classical navigation systems designed for personal cars, Bus GPS Navigation calculates the most efficient route based on vehicle profile information and route parameters. Thus you will always have a perfect overview about your journey, and avoid useless wandering.

Navigation Guidance

  • Multi-language voice navigation
  • Bus, car, pedestrian and helicopter mode
  • Clear navigation symbols
  • Lane-guidance assistant
  • Signposts
  • Speed restrictions
  • GPS / Glonass ready

Route Calculation

  • Accurate and fast route calculation
  • Route planning according to vehicle parameters and criteria, which can be enabled or disabled
  • Route planning in "fast" or "short" profile
  • Road blocking
  • Bus restrictions
  • Local changes for dynamic routing
  • Route calculations created from traffic updates
  • Distance and ETA for your routes

Map Display

  • Clear map visualization
  • Colored map designed to look like paper maps
  • Several map design styles
  • Built-in world map
  • User friendly interface
  • 2D ("bird") and 3D perspective view
  • Zoom level (camera altitude) reflects current speed
  • Day and night color profiles
  • Possibility of external data visualization

Object Searching

  • Country – city / postal code – street – house number / junction searching
  • Smart keyboard
  • Additional address point database support
  • POI "Points-of-interest" searching based on location and/or route

Online Services

  • Connection to live services
  • Live Traffic information
  • Various data including weather, exchange rates, etc.
  • Messenger, which allows the navigation user to chat online, see your friend's position, navigate to your friend's position
  • Fast implementation of additional data sources

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