Return Policy

General Regulations and Specification of Terms

This Return Policy has been specified in compliance with the Civil Code of the Czech Republic (40/1964 Sb.), Commercial Code of the Czech Republic (513/1991 Sb.), Consumer Protection Act of the Czech Republic (634/1992 Sb.), all as subsequently amended (hereinafter referred to as “legislation”), and applies to consumable/usable goods and products (hereinafter referred to as “product”). In relation to product, the rights of the buyer following from the seller’s responsibility for any defects of the product can be applied (hereinafter referred to as “complaint”).

The consumer contract is a purchase agreement, works contract, alternatively other type of contract, provided that the contract parties are the end user/consumer (buyer) and the supplier (seller).

The seller is Aponia Software Ltd., with headquarters at Hnevkovskeho 30/65, Brno, Czech Republic, Company registration number: 606 98 802.

Aponia Software Ltd. concludes and performs contracts under the terms of its trade or other business activities. Aponia Software Ltd. is a business subject that directly, or via other business subjects, provides products and/or services to the buyer.

The customer of our e-shop is the buyer. In compliance with the currently effective legislation, the buyer that deals with the seller under terms of their trade or other business activities is distinguished from the buyer that is the end user/consumer.

The warranty period starts the moment the buyer receives the product from the seller. The warranty period adds up to 24 months with possible legal exceptions taken into account. Any time periods spent on necessary repairs during the warranty period are added to the total length of the warranty period. In case that replacement of the product is necessary, the warranty period starts over from the beginning.

The warranty does not include the wear-out caused by the regular usage of the product.

If requested by the buyer, the seller is obligated to provide the warranty card to the buyer.

If the character of the matter allows it, an invoice which includes the same information as the warranty card is sufficient.

The warranty card must include name, surname, company name and address of residence if the seller is a natural person; or name, surname, company name, company identification number and headquarters location if the seller is an artificial person.

If the provided warranty period is longer than the lawful warranty period, conditions and extent of the warranty are defined by the seller.

The buyer has the right to back out of the contract in all cases determined by the currently effective legislation.

The contract withdrawal comes into effect towards the seller the moment the seller receives the buyer’s statement concerning the contract withdrawal in case that everything is in compliance with the currently effective legislation.

In case that the buyer backs out of the contract, the contract is invalidated in its full extent and both contract parties are obligated to return everything gained through the contract to each other.

In case that the contract is invalidated by applying the rights following from the seller’s responsibility for any defects of the product, the buyer is obligated to return everything they gained through the contract performance from the seller, to the extent allowed by the character of the matter.

In case of application of the warranty, the buyer has the right to request replacement of the product. If such process is not possible, the buyer has the right to request a reasonable discount on the price of the product or back out of the purchase agreement.

Settlement of the Complaint

The complaint must be settled without any unnecessary delays by the seller, no later than 30 days from the day of registering the complaint, unless both contract parties agree on a longer period.

In case that the product is required to be shipped back to the seller, the buyer, for the sake of their own interests, ensures that the shipped product is adequately wrapped and protected against damage during the transport.

Any right of warranty application by the buyer expires in the event that the product is put into operation in an inappropriate and/or unprofessional way, as well as in the event of mishandling the product.

In case of the purchase agreement withdrawal or discount approval, the corresponding amount is refunded to the buyer by means of bank transfer or money order sent to the address specified by the buyer.

Final Statement

This Return Policy comes into effect by January 1, 2013. Any rights to alter anything mentioned in this Return Policy are reserved by the seller.