Car Navigation

Navigation Guidance

  • Multi-language voice navigation.
  • Car, pedestrian and helicopter mode.
  • Clear navigation symbols.
  • Lane-guidance assistant.
  • Signposts.
  • Speed restrictions.
  • GPS / Glonass support.

Route Calculation

  • Accurate and fast route calculation.
  • Route planning according to criteria that can be enabled or disabled.
  • Route planning in "fast" or "short" profile.
  • Road blocks.
  • Local changes for dynamic routing.
  • Route calculations created from traffic updates.
  • Distance and ETA for your routes.

Map Display

  • Clear map visualization.
  • Colored map designed to look like paper maps.
  • Several map design styles.
  • Built-in world map.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • 2D ("bird's eye view") and 3D perspective view.
  • Zoom level (camera altitude) reflects the current speed.
  • Day and night color profiles.
  • Possibility of external data visualization.

Object Searching

  • Search according to country, city / postal code, street, house number / junction
  • Smart keyboard.
  • Support of custom POI - "points of interest".
  • POI "points-of-interest" searching based on location and/or route.

Online Services

  • Connection to Live Services.
  • Live traffic information (licence purchase needed).
  • Various data incl. weather, exchange rates, etc.
  • Messenger, which allows the navigation users to chat online, see their friends' positions, navigate to their friends' positions.
  • Fast implementation of additional data sources.

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